On June 18, People’s Global Action will conduct a moral audit of 20 corporations who profit from suffering and exploitation. The Ottawa action is part of a global action against capitalism in more than 40 countries.

This moral audit will ask the big questions that government chooses to ignore or discredit:

Should the future of the planet be left in the hands of corporations?
Is economic progress killing the planet?
Why do so few have so much while so many have nothing at all?
Who stands to make the most profit from bombing Yugoslavia?


People’s Global Action denies the G-8 the right to create “the architecture of the global economy”. The G-8 governments agree on terms favorable only totheir political power and the economic power of the multinational corporations these governments protect. People’s Global Action Ottawa is part of a network Formed on February 1998 to oppose economic restructuring and trade by the World Trade Organization and the Group of Eight. The June 18 demonstration coincides with the G-8 summit in Koln, Germany.

As a member of the G-8, Canada’s blind promotion of globalization ignores the devastation and poverty trade liberalization has forced on the vulnerable citizens of the world.

The action will start in Confederation Park at 2 pm and follow the below schedule. All times are estimates only.

2 pm Gather at Confederation Park.
2:30 pm Leave Confederation Park for Scotia Bank at Sparks & Elgin.
2:40 pm Audit Scotia Bank.
3:30 pm Audit Monsanto Canada at 441 Maclaren & Kent
4:15 pm Audit Shell filling station at Gloucester & O’Connor
5 pm Audit Raytheon International at 55 Metcalfe St.

Along the route and at each site, there will be speakers and street theater and musicians to educate passersby and rally the spirits of People’s Global Action.

People’s Global Action Ottawa is a coalition of the following organizations: Canadian Federation of Students, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Carleton Social Action Group, Coalition to Stop the War Against Yugoslavia, the Industrial Workers of the World, OPIRG-Carleton, Ottawa and District Labor Council, Raging Grannies, Sierra Club of Canada, tao-Ottawa.